Our Story - Take a tour of our manufacturing facilities

Barrier Signs’ modern manufacturing facilities cater for a range of products including traffic control & safety signage, architectural and illuminated signage as well as traffic & signage hardware items. We span a variety of products & almost all of this is achieved in-house so as to have control over every aspect of production.

Check out Jack & Jig - a Barrier Signs Product

V-Lock Wedge Remover: an innovative solution for in-ground signs that require regular replacement. LESS THAN A MINUTE TO REMOVE! Perfect for public signage in high-traffic areas that suffers regular damage. A Barrier Signs original product, allowing for easy removal with minimal effort and time.

Take a flyover of our manufacturing facilities

Take a drone flight over the Barrier Signs Compound! Our vast facility is spreed over 3 seperate buildings, each containing individual manufacturing process areas to create a work flow that adds to the efficient production of all signage manufacturing.